Friday, 21 December 2012

My Christmas Favorites

T'is the time of the year that I sart to prepare lots of gifts and presents for my family and friends.  I believe in giving people what they love and need, whichever order comes first, it does not matter.

But what do I like?  I just attended a Brand Plan Workshop earlier this month, the facilitator, Mr. Culley asked each and every one of us, what is our favourite brand?  As most of the participants in the workshop were men, the common answers are apple, porshe, coca cola.  As for me, apple is one of my favorite of course, but nothing beats my love for jewels. Without hesitation, Tiffany shot out from my mouth and no holding back yada yada about why I love Tiffany.  To spare you the pain, simply, I love walking in the snow in New York, looking through the window at the beautiful display.  Drool over whatever that is beyond my rich and childishly, secretly desire for one, some day.
Source: Tiffany & Co

Source: Tiffany & Co

Source: Tiffany & Co
Ohhhhhh, my favorite charm bracelet.  Is this too much to ask for as Christmas present? Hello?  Family? Friends?  Oh well, I will slog, some day, wait for me my dear bracelet.

In the mean time, if anyone is nice enough to get me this book.  I will be delighted too.  Afterall, I like Nigella.  I like her non-pretencious attitude in whatever she does.  I believe, this is much more achieveable.  If any one of you read this blog now, yes, this is what I want.  Thank you

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