Saturday, 8 December 2012

Pearls with Love

Source: Alicia Jade's Creation

With all my vanity, I would love to own pearls in different color, sizes and design. However, this is a expensive collection to me even if it is faux.

Costume jewellery that I find affordable usually did not meet my expectations be it quality or workmanship. What was the solution for me then? What then can a vain woman like me do to own a lifestyle  of having the freedom to decide which necklace would go well with my little black dress today? Was it pinky? Was it pearly? Was it champagne? No, maybe a light grey would go well with it.

To fulfill this dream, I have resorted to making my own necklace. I was not quite a craft woman to begin with even though my girlfriends would screamed 'talented' at me, but the truth is, in comparison to those couture creator, I am a far cry.

I tried relentlessly, perfecting every little knot in between the pearls; searching for the perfect pearls, looking for the right clasp (unfortunately, I am quite sensitive to most metals) and finally, the best Japanese silk thread to string them together.

Alas, lo and behold! The birth of my perfect pearl necklace - 45 beautiful 10mm Swarovski light grey pearls with stainless steel clasp. I chose to break away from the tradition by having a light grey thread instead of white.  To top it off, I have created a matching pair of earring - 10mm light grey Swarovski pearls with stainless steel hooks.

This is my creation, this is my love, I am proud to call it mine and I am satisfied.


  1. I wanna be the first one to comment... I love your work keep it up ^_^

  2. it's very beautiful and elegant, as well as unique at the same time because it's grey instead of white. love it!!