Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 - 2013

The clock is ticking and in the next few minutes it is going to be 2013.

Time flies in 2012 and it is not an understatement.  Apart from the major increment in workload (but not salary, unfortunately), I have to deal with my son's O level*1 and my daughter's PSLE*2.  Maybe God think that I can be pushed further, my house was ready and I need to deal with renovation and house moving (honestly, I have moved for half a year and I did unpack all the stuff from the box but I did not pack them all properly, all hidden in some secret unknown closet).

I have much more house chores to do because of my new independent flat and since my prince and princess had major exams (which is also major milestone in their lives), they had immunity to house chores for a long long time.  I slogged day and night not knowing how did I manage but somehow I did.  Reported police five times about various issues in my neighbourhood (yes mister, it was me that called the police while you were beating up your wife), wrote to MP to complain countless times (yes, it's me again complaining about the family of 25 and yet they could still perform live jamming in the house preparing for the next Sngapore X factor) and I am sure I have my photo displayed in Town Council and HDB branch office*3.


It is time to give myself a pat on the shoulder and a cake to celebrate my good year.  Apart from all completing the "must do" list, I somehow have managed to get to the "nice to have" list.

I managed to watch quite a bit of Korean dramas (miraculously), found my new love; passed the fan test (seriously, there was one and I was surprised) and I entered the fan club successfully.  I have been swimming in the pond for the last two months!  Isn't it amazing?

In here, I have met with wonderful people that did things beyond my imgination.  What the heck?  I have slogged for the last ten years, I should enjoy and go wild with them.  No, no, dont get me wrong, it is not the wild that you are thinking of.  But I have joined their project in raising fund for the International Herald Tribune, did the video, chat a lot online and have some split personalities fun.

Having realised that I have missed out so much and fearful of not able to remember enough I decided to start this blog and trying to pick up all my old interest, not forgeting the new ones too.

Then there is Pinterest which I have just picked up these few days.  I am going crazy crazy crazy.  Life is beginning to look very interesting for me and I am looking forward to 2013.

My daughter's examination result is out and she has done me proud.  My son's result will be out in January and I am sure he is going to be ok.  I am proud of them cos they never had a proper place to study, not even a study table.  Don't get me wrong, I can afford a table but I couldn't get a house to house the table.  For the last few years, we lived like the Hong Kong Cage people, eat, read, write, work on our bed.  They did not have the basic study condition that most of the children had but they excel above avaerage.  What more could I ask from them?

Enough of bragging and it is time to count my blessings, I did have my three wishes fulfilled this year and this calls for celebration too.

Yesterday, I presented another three wishes in church for corporal anointing :) and I know that God will not fail me.  I am looking forward to more good things in life, happiness, love, peace and joy. 

Thank you for standing by me my friends when I am such a pain.  Thank you my boss (he won't read my blog :P cos he does not know it exist) for believing in me.  Thank you my children for being lovable and good.  Thank you eels for being eels and peels, loving me for who I am (you know who you are).  Thank you policemen and MPs (Ms. Grace Fu and Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah) for taking time to listen to me.  Thank you mummy for loving me.  Thank you bro. for doting on me. Thank you God for embracing me.

I am looking forward to 2013! Jyo, zikzin!  Happy New Year!

 *1 - O Level examination by Cambridge University
*2 - Primary (Elelmentary) school leaving examination
*3 - Local area office operate by government to serve the community


  1. so proud of you sis and so proud of your kids and what you have achieved ... Keep going and don't stop as you know the stars are our limit and our eyes are already on one star ;)

  2. Thank you my dear, we will focus and move on. It can only gets better.

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