Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What I need to do in 2013

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Finally, it is here.  We have been talking about it, looking forward and yet afraid that it comes too soon.

2013 is here and it is here to stay.  I better make good use of it or I can call it another wasted year. I don't want to call it a new year resolution, as it will never work for me.  But I do have plans for 2013.  I will list it down now and check them at the end of this year.

1. Lose weight - I need to for whatever reason: health, beauty, self-esteem; it is a must.  No more procrastination. Any one with good advice or want to be my brisk walking mate, you are welcome.  I will be more practical and set small goals and each goal achieved will have a small prize ( not food, lol).  But the ultimate is this-Tiffany Yours in sterling it silver.  Not that I cannot afford the ring now, but I want to buy only when I have achieved the ideal weight so that I can have a smaller ring size.  If I were to have it now, the ring will not fit me if I lost the excess pounds right?
Source: Tiffany Yours
2. Have more of me time, some quiet moment to reflect everyday. What I want to do and what I need to do.  Writing  blog is a way to look at things in my own way and voicing what I need to say and recording my thoughts such as this.

3. Be more organized.  I am already being known to be a very organized person but there are so many things going on in my life and I feel that I need to be even more organized than this.  Am I a control freak?  I don't know.  But I feel the need to, at least for 2013.

4. Get the living room done up.  I have moved in for half a year now but I am still quite undecided about how the hall should be done up.  I just painted the wall few weeks back in Ash Grey and it turned out fine for me.  I think I am still on the right track.

5. Going to Bangkok with my daughter - This is my promise to her and I will keep it.

6. Attend CRI or Lounge H - I am speaking alien now and only eels will understand.  Sorry.

7. Be debt free - this is important to me.  As a single parent, the lesser liabilities the better.

8. Spend more time with mum and dad.  No matter what happened, I will not live to regret if I have done enough.  What is enough?  I don't know.  I guess as long as I am happy and contented, that is enough.

I think the list is long enough, we will come back and check at the end of the year.



  1. Omo this is a great list Alicia.... great one

    well as for me I have 2 common goals with you... I guess you know them ;)

    I feel deep inside that 2013 will be a different year. I will take baby steps but I will achieve my own bucket list eventually ... I promised myself that I deserve better and I'll work hard to achieve that...
    you have my support till the end
    Good luck sis

  2. Thank you. Do you have something in mind to reward yourself if you achieve the goal?

  3. that's quite a lot to do! but i'm sure you will be able to do it, all the best! i wanna do No. 6 with you~ ehehe...